Good pictures are vital marketing tools for a successful home sale. Homeowners are encouraged to help their home look its best, without the need to hire a professional stager.
Also remember that due to time constraints, liability, and even hygiene issues, the photographer is limited to how much he can touch and move in order to set up a shot. That includes any wet, sticky items found in kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
This list is intended to provide a good starting point for a successful photo shoot; please feel free to use your own judgment!

Check that all light fixtures work properly
Closets, tidy up with nicely hung clothing; clear floors
Hide (out of sight): Trash cans, Cleaning supplies, etc.
Remove rugs; unbroken floor space increases perceived sq ft!
Clean any stains on glass, counters, etc.
Remove any Political or Religious items
Open window and door covers; let all the light in!
Refrigerator, remove magnets, kids’ drawings, fingerprints
Hide exposed power cords
Bedrooms, beds made, tidy up clutter
De-clutter all spaces; less is definitely more!

Check that all light fixtures work properly
Prune trees, foliage, make sure grass looks neat
Hide (or out of sight): Trash cans, Garden tools, Lawn equipment, Vehicles, Toys (including in pool areas)
Clean any unsightly stains or clutter from Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios, Decks, Staircases, if possible
Pool: clean, clear water

Vehicles: Driveways and garage should be clear, No parking in front of home
Garage: No vehicles, Clean, de-cluttered, Remove as much off floor as possible
Pets: Fish in clean tank, keep all other pets out of sight
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