Straightforward and fairly priced, aimed squarely at making you and your listing stand out.
Images are composed and visually treated to produce a clean style that maximizes the visual impact of your property!

Please note that prices are for local area listings. For Properties outside the 10-mile radius of Van Nuys Flyaway Terminal, an extra $25 travel fee will apply to compensate for additional time in traffic as well as vehicle expenses (Santa Clarita Valley excluded).

For further reference, please refer to map at the bottom of this page.

Photo Packages

Photo Shoot 1 - $200
(Only within Area of Operations - see map below)
20-25 professional photos (up to 1.5 hours on site). Show the house in detail, and definitely get anyone’s attention!
(Next business day delivery)

Photo Shoot 2 - $225
25-30 professional photos (up to 2 hours on site). For properties 3,000 Sq Ft and up, where there's just too much to show.
(Next business day delivery)

Photo Shoot 3 - $300
A killer bundle! 25-30 professional photos (up to 2.5 hours on site), plus 4-8 aerial photos* taken from key angles.
(Next business day delivery)

Twilight Shoot - $200 ($50 discount if combined with any Photo Package)
Add drama to your property by presenting it under a different light!
4 to 5 property photos shot at dusk.
(Next business day delivery)

Aerial (Drone) Photo Shoot* - $175 ($50 discount if combined with any Photo Package)
8 aerial photos shot from (even more) key angles and altitude. Up to 30 minutes of flight time.
(Next business day delivery)

Video Packages
Video Shoot 1 - Highlight Reel - $250 ($50 discount if combined with any Photo Package)
A quick and eye-catching video (up to 60 seconds) highlighting the main living areas of the home.
(2-business day delivery)

Video Shoot 2 - Video Walk Through with bonus aerial footage - $425  ($50 discount if combined with any Photo Package)
The ultimate seller! HD Video Tour (up to 180 seconds) highlighting your property, including drone footage for added drama! Up to 180 seconds of HD video - branded and unbranded.  (up to 2 hours on site)
(2-business day delivery. Interior operation of drone is limited to main highlights and subject to safe conditions and/or insurance coverage)

Aerial (Drone) Exterior Video Shoot* - $300 ($50 discount if combined with any Photo Package)
Aerial Video (Exterior only) - Up to 120 seconds of HD video, branded and unbranded. Up to 45 minutes of flight time.
(2-business day delivery)

Slide Show (Video) - $75 ($25 discount if combined with any Photo Package)
Highlight your listing with a 40 to 60-second video, accompanied by enticing music and high-quality photos. Great for Social Media!
(2-business day delivery)

Graphic Design - Property Flyer or Postcard - $75
Includes property information, pictures, and your branding - one or two sided. Delivered as print-ready PDF.
(2-business day delivery)

Want Even More? Email me for a custom quote!

* Drone (UAS) operations are subject and limited to Federal and State laws and regulations.

Area of Operations map (click for enlarged image):

 The areas in red are out of the Area of Operations range and may incur an additional $25 charge to compensate for additional costs due to increased mileage and time (red areas). Distances beyond 50 miles will be charged $50.

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