I've been a Graphic Design professional since 1985, with services including corporate branding development, logos, print collateral, proofreading and translation services (English-Spanish), and website design. I studied graphic design in 2 different countries for a total of 7 years. These studies included design theories (Gestalt, Bauhaus, etc), consumer psychology, typography, photography, etc.
While working as a designer in the Real Estate industry, I saw a need for property photography that could attract buyers, without being overdone, and especially without being overpriced.
I have since developed a clean, eye-catching and uncluttered style that highlights the house's features without unnecessary distractions. Same as my design philosophy. Because it plain works.
Early into 2018, I became an FAA Certified Drone Pilot, and since then I have been continuously adding flight hours and experience; I have photographed and shot video for several properties with great results.

Three full decades of working experience, same passion as the very first day!

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